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Welcome to GCAWiki
— the GCA community documentation project —

I have removed the ability for non-users to create new user accounts. Yes, this means an admin must create an account for you, before you can edit things here. Frankly, I'm simply tired of putting up with the incredibly annoying spammers, who seem to be the only ones who sign up these days. And they seem able to get around any attempt to prevent them from posting more easily than legit users can. I'd simply delete the Wiki entirely, and go back to my older Web docs, but I'm actually not the only one who posts updates (thank you!).

If you want to contribute, thank you very much. Please go to the GCA forums and ask for an account to be created for you, and one of the admins here will likely see your post there, and then can create an account back here for you. (Yes, more convoluted than it needs to be, but that's what the jerks of the world cause.)

You can still read this wiki without a user account.

--Armin 20:47, 17 October 2011 (EDT)


File Specifications

Program Usage

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Known Annoyances and Issues

GCA FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

User-Created Files

Character saves, data files, sheets & export filters, sheet profiles, etc.

Wiki FAQ (new to Wikis?)

How do I edit pages?

See: Editing (at Meta-Wiki).