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Smarter bits (b159)


GCA should be a little smarter about handling situations with portraits when the portrait is embedded in the character file and may not actually exist as a file on the disk. Notably, the Portrait window should no longer clear the portrait in such situations, and now has an expanded warning about it.

I think I have made gains bonuses slightly smarter without breaking anything.

I’ve added ‘level’ and ‘score’ to the tags that GCACharacter.TagItem() will return a value for, and in this case that value is always 1.

Traits that may reference campaign log values through char:: should now be updated more reliably.

Attack boxes weren’t drawing the Selected color with preference over the Dirty color. That is fixed.

I’ve added the Dirty color to those a user can set for the various trait types. The default is the same orange it has been, but with a darker orange border (which is usually hard to see, but helps when a lot of dirty traits are displayed in a block) and black text. This should always have been something that could be set because the defaults may not agree with some folks or with their preferred color scheme. This is most helpful when using colors that are obviously different from the standard ones. (If you aren’t aware, ‘dirty’ is when a trait has just changed, and this allows you to see traits that are affected by another trait you just changed. It’s not perfect, but it can be helpful.You can turn this feature on/off using the “Show Dirty” button (the lightning-bolt with magnifying glass icon) on the toolbar, next to the Components check button.)

Trait boxes in Unified now have a new option in their gear menu: Double-Click Opens Trait Dialog. This is *off* by default, because this is non-standard behavior. Also, since each trait box is a separate instance, if you want to turn this on, you’ll have to turn it on separately per-box. When this option is on, double-clicking the gear button will open the associated trait dialog for the traits in the box. Note that the pop-up menu will still appear for the click on the button, but will disappear after the double-click finishes.

The Campaign Log window should now be a bit smarter in how it adjusts to being zoomed, and in how it adjusts the splitter when being resized.

* Official Character Sheet

Updated to use the character portrait image from within the character, rather than loading it from the file reference. (This allows it to work with portrait images that might be saved in the character file but otherwise not found on the disk.)

* Data Files

GURPS Basic Set 4th Ed.–Characters.gdf: Modified Innate Attack (%TypeList%) and Burning Attack advantages to change “bu” to “burn” for damage types.

GURPS Magic 4e.gdf: Modified several ~Flaming and ~Lightning modifiers in to change “bu” to “burn” for damage types.

Discworld RPG.gdf: Modified several Burning Attack advantages to change “bu” to “burn” for damage types.

A bit of an event (b155)


Character event handlers were being set in a routine that worked fine for a single character load, but only worked for the last one loaded when loading them in a batch, such as a party load or multiple characters selected in Open. These handlers are now assigned in the routine that handles the post-load processing in the main UI form, where they should have been all along.

There is now a Favorite button on the Sheet View toolbar which allows you to set the current sheet profile as your favorite for the current character, which sets it as the default print sheet without having to go into Options to do that.

I have finally added the settings to format equipment costs and weights to the Options dialog.

I have once again gone through and converted a lot of implicit type conversions to explicit ones. In some cases, this may have unexpected consequences if I did things slightly differently than the implicit conversion did.

I shoehorned in a new version of a sheet option, which is a caption that supports displaying an image. This is currently handled automatically by GCA when you include an “[image]” code as the very first text in the UserPrompt of a Caption control. That triggers GCA to use the new image caption instead of the standard one. You can currently only align the image to the top or the left, and you do that within the [image] marker, such as [image align=top] or [image align=left]. The image is limited to 150px tall when at the top, and 250px wide when on the left, and will zoom inside the picture area to fit those limits. When on the left, the image is allowed a maximum scaled height of 300 px, and will scale down the allowed width if necessary to meet that cap. (As a side-effect of this being a new control, it makes use of my BBCode label, so the caption also supports limited bbcode, such as [b][/b] for bold and [i][/i] for italic.)

Reverted the change in b151 where UnassignedItemsAsLoadout() would return the loadout as fully functional. That wasn’t actually fully correct, and making it so was overkill for the primary purpose of UnassignedItemsAsLoadout(), which is just to see what items are not included elsewhere. The procedure that does do this is now a new function called UnassignedItemsAsLoadoutWithProtection(), which creates a complete loadout with the default body and hit table and fully calculated protection values.

I fixed some design issues with the Attack Modes box in Unified. It should refresh and update much more smoothly now. I also added an option to show/not show the symbol icons for the traits in the box.

* Official Character Sheet (posted via Updater on 2021 August 24)

Included an adjustment to fully activate and calculate the protection values of an All Unassigned Items loadout when we want to actually print those protection values.