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Looking back at 2018

This year was basically a failure. I got very little of what I wanted to get done, actually done.

Every time I thought I was getting back to work on GCA, life kicked sand in my face. Work has been stalled for months, and the multiple times I dove back in to get back to it, I was quickly pulled right back out again.

I’m sorry about that, I really am. I did not foresee this kind of downtime.

I’m really hoping I can turn this around next year.

My current plan, once I get some traction again, is to roll back the UI stuff for the last big thing I was doing. I think it’s cool, but it’s not required, and the UI takes a lot of work to make it properly useful for people. The internal stuff is there, and appears to work, so I’ll leave that there for the future; maybe sheets can make use of it as an option for organizing certain outputs.

Anyway, once that’s rolled back, I’ll return to my previous plan: finish, fix, and polish; get everything that is already there ready for public consumption. Then we’ll see what we might do about a larger scale beta to shake things down properly.


I’m in a place where I have day job stuff to do, but I have time for GCA. But I’m in a place in GCA where the major things that need doing just take a long time, so I get bogged down and progress slows to a crawl.

So, basically, that’s what’s happening. Sorry for the lack of progress for a while. Just bogged down is all. I’m going to try to break things down into smaller chunks to get updates moving again.

A gap in time

Yeah, sorry about that. My day job tends to get busiest through the tax season, and I kind of got lost in work for a bit there.

It’s not a great look for things here, when I post that I’m still working away and then disappear for a while without another update. But, I’m getting back into some GCA headspace, and hope to get back to what I was working on as soon as I can make my brain work again.

Still working away

I haven’t posted an update for a bit, but since it may be another little bit before I have anything to post, I wanted to let folks know that work hasn’t stopped. In fact, I’m currently spending more time than usual on GCA. However, I’m rejiggering things to support something new and different* in how the data is managed and presented, and I won’t be posting new build notes until that’s all working the way I need it to. At least mostly.

So, still here, still working away.

Next build notes will be up when I’m done with this thing, and I promise you that the build notes will not even remotely reflect the amount of work that this rejiggering represents.

* new and different in GCA, anyway

A Pause for Effects

I just wanted to post a quick note to folks, letting those concerned know that things are in a temporary lull right now due to my having to move house. Since I work from home, this also means moving office.

The majority of the move is now finished, but I can’t set up my work space yet because I’m still waiting for my new appliances to be delivered, and I have to leave room to maneuver for the installers.

I’m working on my laptop for now, but it’s cramped and limited, so I don’t really expect work to proceed with any sort of verve until next week.

Sorry about the slow down from what’s mostly been a decent pace this year, but it should be temporary.

Happy Holidays

I wish everyone a happy holiday season and a joyous new year.

There haven’t been updates here lately due to my day job. I’m in the middle of some things, though, so updates are pending.

Not Forgotten

I have not forgotten about this site. I’ve been working on the day job lately, so I haven’t really had anything to post here. Work on GCA generally tends to go in bursts, and we’re in between bursts at the moment. I’ll have more to post soon.