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GCA Beta Preview, Release 2, Now Available

The second release of the GURPS Character Assistant 5 Beta Preview is now available.

The first release was announced in this post, which has more details.

This release fixes all the reported bugs so far, and includes some updates and other fixes, as detailed in the various build notes posted on this blog.

You can find the installer available for download here:

If you want to validate the ZIP after download, there is a PAR2 file here:

The GCA5 installer is within the ZIP file. If you already have the previous Beta Preview release installed, this should install smoothly over the top in the same location. Once installed, this should be version (The previous release was

Please refer to the original announcement for more details and links to the Google Group where we are handling the related discussions. We’d love to have your feedback, suggestions, and (of course!) bug reports.

GCA5 Beta Preview now publicly available

GURPS Character Assistant 5 is available now as a beta preview. This means that the software is unfinished and almost certainly has bugs that may crash the program. Features included now may be removed or significantly altered before release.

You DO NOT have to upgrade to GCA5 at this time. The beta version is available to those that wish to try it out and provide feedback or bug reports. I would love for you to give it a try, as I think it’s a significant improvement, but I understand beta software is not for everyone. I believe that the GCA5 beta is complete enough and stable enough to replace GCA4 in your daily use, but you can make that decision for yourself if you try it out.

The beta preview is available now. You can find the installer available for download here:

If you want to validate the ZIP after download, there is a PAR2 file here:

The GCA5 installer is within the ZIP file.

You do not have to uninstall or reinstall GCA4, and you can run both versions on your computer at the same time (but please do not install them into the same folder on your computer).

I will be running the beta through a Google Group <>. Google Groups are basically mailing lists that have a forum-like web-access mode. This is a public group, so it should be open to everyone who wants to join, but you *do* have to join the group in order to view or post messages. You can set in your preferences that you do not wish to receive emails if you only want to use the forum mode.

Please direct all bug reports, loves, hates, and any other appropriate commentary to the Google Group. I want to hear what you think of new features, missing features, broken features, and all things GCA5, but please remember that we are all human, and please be polite and kind to all the other participants.

Looking Back at 2020

Things continued to move in fits and spurts over this last year (and through 2019 before that).

I made some good progress on various things, and the engine is looking solid to me. There are definitely some things that still need work, but nothing that I can see stopping us from doing a larger-scale beta test to help shake out issues in the core. Ugh, so close I can almost touch it.

Anyway. A pretty standard year, I think. Sorry it’s taking so many of them.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Looking back at 2018

This year was basically a failure. I got very little of what I wanted to get done, actually done.

Every time I thought I was getting back to work on GCA, life kicked sand in my face. Work has been stalled for months, and the multiple times I dove back in to get back to it, I was quickly pulled right back out again.

I’m sorry about that, I really am. I did not foresee this kind of downtime.

I’m really hoping I can turn this around next year.

My current plan, once I get some traction again, is to roll back the UI stuff for the last big thing I was doing. I think it’s cool, but it’s not required, and the UI takes a lot of work to make it properly useful for people. The internal stuff is there, and appears to work, so I’ll leave that there for the future; maybe sheets can make use of it as an option for organizing certain outputs.

Anyway, once that’s rolled back, I’ll return to my previous plan: finish, fix, and polish; get everything that is already there ready for public consumption. Then we’ll see what we might do about a larger scale beta to shake things down properly.


I’m in a place where I have day job stuff to do, but I have time for GCA. But I’m in a place in GCA where the major things that need doing just take a long time, so I get bogged down and progress slows to a crawl.

So, basically, that’s what’s happening. Sorry for the lack of progress for a while. Just bogged down is all. I’m going to try to break things down into smaller chunks to get updates moving again.

A gap in time

Yeah, sorry about that. My day job tends to get busiest through the tax season, and I kind of got lost in work for a bit there.

It’s not a great look for things here, when I post that I’m still working away and then disappear for a while without another update. But, I’m getting back into some GCA headspace, and hope to get back to what I was working on as soon as I can make my brain work again.

Still working away

I haven’t posted an update for a bit, but since it may be another little bit before I have anything to post, I wanted to let folks know that work hasn’t stopped. In fact, I’m currently spending more time than usual on GCA. However, I’m rejiggering things to support something new and different* in how the data is managed and presented, and I won’t be posting new build notes until that’s all working the way I need it to. At least mostly.

So, still here, still working away.

Next build notes will be up when I’m done with this thing, and I promise you that the build notes will not even remotely reflect the amount of work that this rejiggering represents.

* new and different in GCA, anyway

A Pause for Effects

I just wanted to post a quick note to folks, letting those concerned know that things are in a temporary lull right now due to my having to move house. Since I work from home, this also means moving office.

The majority of the move is now finished, but I can’t set up my work space yet because I’m still waiting for my new appliances to be delivered, and I have to leave room to maneuver for the installers.

I’m working on my laptop for now, but it’s cramped and limited, so I don’t really expect work to proceed with any sort of verve until next week.

Sorry about the slow down from what’s mostly been a decent pace this year, but it should be temporary.

Happy Holidays

I wish everyone a happy holiday season and a joyous new year.

There haven’t been updates here lately due to my day job. I’m in the middle of some things, though, so updates are pending.