Monthly Archives: May 2013

More bits

From the beta list post for the newest build:

* Fixed Select dialog to resize its contents properly.

* Fixed drawing issue for library items in Select window related to experimental option.

* Fixed character tags not being initialized properly.

* Adjusted handling of #BuildList to support more than one instance of the %listitem% variable in the output template.

* Added support for the removes() tag for templates. Removes() specifies a list of traits to be removed from the character, separated by commas. Prefix tags are required. You may use the “all” keyword to specify that all variations of the skill should be removed, otherwise the name and name extension specified must match exactly. For example: removes(All SK:Guns, SK:Accounting, “SK:Animal Handling (Dogs)”) will remove every Guns skill, only the normal Accounting skill, and only the specialized Animal Handling for Dogs. Without the “all” keyword on SK:Guns, no specialized Guns skill would be removed.

* Added support for the removesbytag() tag for templates. RemovesByTag() includes one or more specifications (separated by commas) of the format

<Type> where <tag> [ is | isnot | includes | excludes | listincludes | listexcludes ] <tagvalue>

This is the same format as that used by the #BuildCharItemList directive, so see that for more information on how each of the comparison types works. Note that it is very dangerous to use ones that specify a non-match, because that means any trait without the specified tag will likely not match, and will be removed. RemovesByTag is intended to be used primarily in conjunction with tag values added during a SelectX() process, for further customizing templates with lenses later on, but data file authors will do as they will.

* Updated the report engine. Sheet plugins need to be rebuilt. (Included plugins were rebuilt.)

Not Forgotten

I have not forgotten about this site. I’ve been working on the day job lately, so I haven’t really had anything to post here. Work on GCA generally tends to go in bursts, and we’re in between bursts at the moment. I’ll have more to post soon.