Monthly Archives: February 2015

Just a few little bits

Updated some of the menu icons.

Added a Traits menu to the main menu bar, which allows access to the same features as the right-click menu in trait lists.

Added options and UI to allow the user to select and use a page number link color of their choice, and to underline the links if desired. The default color is blue. (Changed the data file ‘touches’ tracking info text to the purple color.)

Added support for various default PDF readers to the launchcodes.xml file, which will be available for selection in the Options dialog by clicking the ‘…’ button next to the ‘PDF reader’ text box. Selecting one of the options will replace the text in the related text boxes with the info from the selected option. Only has codes for Acrobat and Sumatra right now.

Trying out a new trait icon in the right-side icon column: eye glasses, to show that the trait is to be included on the GM sheet.

Added a couple additional small bits of info to the View Info text for character traits: “Include on GM Sheet” if the trait is so flagged; and “Component Of: X” if the trait is a component item. Both of these also currently have icons in the right-side icon column of trait lists, but icon precedence may prevent the icons from showing, or make them difficult to see.

Launched bits

Fixed an issue related to needs items in braces when auto-adding prereqs.

Added a ‘Copy from Default’ button to Current Character Options.

Added trap to exit a Random selection of traits in a Select dialog if too many tries has still failed to create a valid set of random selections.

In Select dialogs, you can now add traits that already exist on the character to the character list from the Available list. Such items in the Available list are marked with a green check mark. Note that the points already spent in the trait won’t count against the points needed in the dialog. (Doing this previously required using the existing() tag on a #newitem to reference a known existing trait that you wanted to make use of. That option still remains.) This should simplify some constructions in templates.

Added an “override requirements” checkbox to the Select dialog. This allows you to activate the OK button and move on with the template, even though you may not have satisfied the specified requirements.

Adjusted the layout of the Select dialog a little, allowing for dynamic resizing of the user instruction area, and added an Explainer panel.

Added the UI in Options for the hiding of the Explainer panel in the Select dialog.

Moved the page info higher up in the View Info text display.

Added code to allow double-clicking on a page reference in View Info to launch the associated PDF. If GCA has information about a PDF for the given page reference, the page info will be a purple color, and double-clicking will perform the launch. If the page number isn’t purple, it’s not a link, and double-clicking will only irritate you. Right now, all page info is in the “bookcodes.xml” file in the GCA install folder. It only has a couple test references, since I don’t have any idea what the default names are for the official PDFs.

Added code & UI to Options to allow the user to specify their PDF reader and necessary launch arguments. Default is for Acrobat.

Added code & UI for a dialog, accessible from the PDF Launching box in Options, to allow the user to set a base PDF bin, and to set specific files and offsets for the PDFs that match the various book references that GCA uses. Changes made here are saved to a user version of the “bookcodes.xml” file in the user’s Books bin.