Monthly Archives: February 2016

Grab bag of bits and bugs


* Bug fixes

Addressed an issue related to extremely large numbers being returned using exponential notation, and GCA not handling that correctly internally when dealing with those values within an expression.

Hitting Enter in the editable column of the classic trait Attribute lists will now commit the entered value.

Addressed a bug that didn’t restore modifier bonuses correctly when canceling out of the Edit Traits window.

The trait tag ‘chareffectivest’ was missing from the tags meant to be handled by the Modes system, and has been added.

* Other

Added an IsMetric function to Character, which returns True if the character has the ‘Metric’ attribute and its value is 1.

GCA’s displays should now show ‘kg’ or ‘m’ instead of ‘lbs’ or ‘yds’ when using the metric settings.

Updated the center column of the Classic View’s Attributes tab:

  • Redesigned to be more in line with the style used elsewhere in the program. This also allows for more responsive resizing.
  • Replaced the Encumbrance and Move sections with the Move box used elsewhere, since it’s already of the right style, and has been reworked to auto-size better.

Rebuilt the Move box used in Unified, Party, and now Classic views:

  • It will now dynamically resize the displayed columns to better fit the data.
  • If necessary, it will now drop columns if the data items are too large to allow everything to fit in the space available. This will not be noticeable to most people in most cases, but if a character has really large values for the Carry row, you’ll see it.
  • There should now be reduced ‘flashing’ during redraws.
  • The Carry row now displays formatted values, should they be large enough where that will matter.

Still improving Party bits


* Party View

Made the entries in the History block two-rows each.

Added the ability to make rolls for traits in trait lists by clicking the new roll button next to each list entry.

Added a Roll History block to character cards to track the rolls that have been made (it will track the last 200 rolls made, if you never Reset them).

Added an Encumbrance & Move block to character cards.

Updated traits list block to allow for attributes in the lists, too.

Added ability for all rolls for the currently selected trait to be highlighted in the roll history.

Columns in the card designer can now be reordered by shifting them left or right using the new buttons for that purpose on the column headers.

Miscellaneous fixes and polishes.

* Other

Updated the text of the log messages slightly when checking for program and library updates.

A specific problem bit addressed


* Party View

Fixed some drawing issues.

* Other

Touched a lot of forms and form-launchers to fix an issue apparently caused by the way Microsoft treats apps like GCA when running in Tablet Mode, which causes dialogs to appear behind the main form. That makes it extremely difficult to proceed with what you’re doing until you can get the dialog back on top. GCA will now recognize if it is launching in Tablet Mode, and will try to compensate for this issue when opening dialogs. It’s not perfect, but seems to work.

A little more GM bits work


* Party View

Rebuilt most of how the Party View components work and are managed.

Redesigned and/or updated a bunch of the UI elements related to the Party View components.

Did a variety of other things related to making Party View work properly.

Added a new two-column option for Attributes blocks. (This is two internal columns within the one Attributes block, not an Attributes block that crosses two columns of blocks on the character card.)

Added a new option to allow a long, thin Attributes block at the top the character card, rather than only offering column block options. (This option is outside the structure that displays the columns of blocks, so it crosses columns in that fashion.)

Added a new option to allow an attack modes block at the bottom of the character card. (This option is outside the structure that displays the columns of blocks, so it crosses columns in that fashion.)

* Bug Fixes

Added space for the extra icon column at the end of the attack mode boxes in Unified View, given the recent change in how these boxes were handled.

* Other

Added a new Fine border width for blocks in Unified View and for blocks within character cards on Party View. Due to the way this is handled by GCA, this means your existing border widths will generally decrease by one category, and you’ll need to reset them if you don’t like that.

Made a slight change to how attack mode boxes triggered editing when double clicking items.

Made a slight change to how the header area is drawn on boxes for trait lists and attack modes in Unified and Party views, which should allow it to retain a cleaner look when using a zoom setting.

A little bit for GMs perhaps


* Features

Added an initial draft of the all new Party View, which is kind of like GCA’s version of a GM control sheet. While it is set up as another character view, it does include data cards for all loaded characters. There is also a designer dialog to allow you to change the functionality and look of the character cards to better suit various needs. You can currently access the designer by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner of the card title bar. (Note that design changes are currently not saved, and are character specific.)

* Interactive Character Sheets

Added support for two missing ActionTypes for interactive sheets: SheetAction.ChangeScoreInteger and SheetAction.ChangeScoreDecimal. Integer is for skill and spell levels, and Decimal is if you need decimal values, such as for certain attribute scores. This currently uses a standard text box as the data entry element, so entering bad data is possible, but GCA will just ignore the requested change in that case. After data is entered, GCA uses the SetScoreTo method to set the score or level as requested (or to the closest allowed value).

Added support for hitting Enter in text fields (including ChangeScoreInteger/Decimal) to end editing.

* Bug fixes

Addressed some issues with sheets resetting their position to the origin, and resetting zoom level, when editing data in Sheet View.

Fixed how some program settings were being saved/restored. This may affect you depending on your open/closed explainer boxes.

* ColorBlockSheet

Updated to support changing skill levels, spell levels, and attribute scores, using the new sheet action types.