Monthly Archives: August 2017

Tiny bit of an update


* Miscellaneous

A post on the forums caused me to look at some old code, which brought to light an issue with custom skill cost progressions that had more than ten levels of costs. Everything worked fine except for the routine in skill calculations that assigned the trait’s level based on the points spent; that was a bit dodgey, hardcoding a limit of ten possible cost steps, which effectively imposed an arbitrary limit. I already had a routine in GCA5’s SkillCosts object to handle things correctly, I just hadn’t used it, so the old code was still being used. I have fixed that. (Doesn’t help GCA4 users, unfortunately.)

Updated some other code related to using skill types, to improve readability and reduce lookups.

Consolidated some routines related to skill types that were basically duplicates between the GCATrait and GCACharacter objects.

* Unified View

I have added a button to the front of the Unified View specific toolbar. This is the Vertical Page Override button. When you press this button, Unified View will force all boxes to fill the display width, and to flow only vertically, overriding the other settings, and making the display more of a single long page view. This does not change any of the settings, so toggling the button off again will restore your usual display.

Hooked up the gear icon for the attack table boxes. Only option currently there is for toggling double width display.

Updated drawing code on the attack table boxes to correct for display issues that could happen with multiline items, as was done in last build for trait boxes.