Monthly Archives: March 2019

One primary bit


* Edit Modes dialog

I have implemented the first draft of the Edit Modes dialog. This allows for editing, adding, and removing attack modes for traits. You can also drag the columns around to rearrange the order of the modes.

* Edit Items dialog

Added a button to launch the Edit Modes dialog.

* Advanced Edit dialog

Mode-enabled tags have been removed from the tag list in the Advanced Edit dialog.

With the mode tags removed, I had to add some code to preserve the mode data when moving in and out of this dialog.

Added an Edit Modes button to the bottom of the form, so that you can get to the Edit Modes dialog from here as well.

* Miscellaneous

Fixed a typo on the Options dialog.

Reverted a change I had made to where some event handlers for characters were enabled, due to that change resulting in dialogs and such being called two or more times for some events.

Given the reversion above, I have changed the updating of the UI for Unified view a bit to keep it updated correctly when changing to it when a character was opened in a different View.

Updated the character tab images so that the ‘unsaved’ icon should show when new traits get added to the lists.

Added some Interface references to some of the objects to allow simplifying things in some areas of code.

Made a small visual change to the attack modes in the Simple Edit display.