Monthly Archives: March 2020

Another in a series of little bits


I have added code to the handling of type-to-search in those lists that support it. This should address the issues noted in testing where the selected item may jump around unexpectedly.

There is a small chunk of code that clears old auto-backup files upon startup. At some point this chunk was moved up in the startup sequence. Unfortunately, it was moved above the code that allowed for restoring the auto-backup files, rendering that function useless. I have moved the chunk back down, so restoring auto-backups upon startup should work again.

I spent a lot of time, effort, and research figuring out how to make plugins reloadable within a session. I succeeded, but to no avail, as various structural elements within GCA simply don’t allow the available solution to work for us the way we need it to. So, unfortunately, that was basically a dead end. I apologize to those writing plugins that I wasn’t able to make that work out.