Monthly Archives: December 2020

Looking Back at 2020

Things continued to move in fits and spurts over this last year (and through 2019 before that).

I made some good progress on various things, and the engine is looking solid to me. There are definitely some things that still need work, but nothing that I can see stopping us from doing a larger-scale beta test to help shake out issues in the core. Ugh, so close I can almost touch it.

Anyway. A pretty standard year, I think. Sorry it’s taking so many of them.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Updated the updated updater bits (b126)


I have changed where GCA stores the system data, such as books and images. Such files now go into ProgramData. This allows for updating them without requiring elevated permissions to do so. The setup program and GCA have both been updated to use the new location.

GCA has been updated to send name and zoom info to the Package Updater.

I’ll still need to do something to remove Installed Package information when uninstalling GCA, so that the stuff that has actually been installed or uninstalled by the Setup program doesn’t hang around.

* Updater

The Package Updater should now only use PackageUpdaterElevated when it actually needs to update something in a protected location (Program Files), which should be much less often now.

If there are no updates available for installed packages, the Package Updater should now quit automatically and return to GCA if it was run as part of GCA’s startup.

The Updater system now stores installed packages in ProgramData\installedpackages\ with a folder and manifest for each package. This allows Package Updater to remove exactly the files that were installed if optional packages are being uninstalled. This also allows for obsolete files (those that are no longer included in a package) to be removed as an update.

When you click OK in Package Updater, it will now exit if you haven’t selected anything for it to do.

The update blocks in Package Updater now show the More Info links if they are set in Package Builder. They also now show the Details button, which will launch a dialog with details on exactly what files need to be updated.

The update blocks in Package Updater now show an error message if source files needed for updates weren’t found or were found to be the wrong ones.

Package Updater now supports changing its name as instructed by the calling program, and supports zooming if the caller provides the zoomed font size.