Monthly Archives: January 2021

Body bits (b127)


Custom body image selections, either from the drop-down or from the Open button, in the Protection window were not being properly assigned to the character, which prevented GCA from using them correctly in other places.

The tool tip on the Protection window for loading a custom body image had the wrong text.

When the All Unassigned Items loadout was active, the print sheet protection graphic didn’t show protection boxes in the correct places. Now it does.

I made some dumb coding decisions when the initial work was done to embed images within the character. This resulted in the loss of the associated image filename for body images when interacting with the body in the Protection window, and meant that saving the body out to a file didn’t save the associated image file name correctly. That has now been fixed.

Removed Force Update from the Help menu, as it no longer serves a purpose.

Removed some additional code related to the old updater.

Moved some control constants from the main form to a module.

* Plugins

I had to update the ComponentOne components again, which may result in your compiled plugins needing to be recompiled.