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Nothing but sheet bits

* Official Character Sheet

You can now specify the image to use in the GURPS logo slot (upper left corner) of the sheet. You should be able to use most PNG, JPG, or BMP images. Note that the image will be sized to fit a space of 1.75 x 0.5625 (1 3/4 x 9/16) inches on the front, and a slightly smaller 1.625 x 0.5 (1 5/8 x 1/2) inches on the back. If your image isn’t exactly the right dimensions, it will be aligned to the top of the space, centered horizontally.

Added an option to include Extra Roll info in the trait lists, selected by list type. This is now Yes for all lists by default. This includes Roll To: text as a smaller-text additional line under the trait item, similar to how bonuses or notes are printed.

Added an option to include the Bonus and/or Conditional bonus text for traits, selected by list type. These are now Yes for all lists by default. The sheet was already printing these, but now you can turn that off.

Added an optional Encumbrance, Move, Dodge table to use in place of the default one. This alternate table is of the same design as the Encumbrance & Move box used on the Unified and Classic views, so it will show the movement rates for whatever active movement modes the character has. This option is No by default.

Smoothed out some issues with the printing of the Block values on the front page when using shields from the active loadout.

Now, for traits, only the bonus/conditional text is printed in the user-specified bonus text color. Description and extra roll text is printed in the sheet color, while user note text is printed in the user text color.

Added an option to print DR by hit location in the DR box. It will increase the size of the box by stealing space from Languages above and TL/Cultural Familiarities to the right, but the text will still be small. This is No by default.

The Feats of Strength box now includes labels for the weight and distance units.

A bit more sheet (b151)


Equipment lists in Unified and Classic always showed ‘lbs’ for equipment weights, even when the user had toggled the Metric stat. That is now fixed.

Added a missing word to the Protection Options explainer in the Protection dialog.

The UnassignedItemsAsLoadout() routine in the LoadOutManager didn’t return the All Unassigned Items loadout as a fully functional, ready to use loadout. Now it does.

* Official Character Sheet

Added an option to show a column for min ST on the Hand Weapons table. This is set to Yes by default and the column is labeled “ST”.

Added an option to include a Level and Parry score, instead of the Parry Adjustment, to the Hand Weapons table. This is now Yes by default, and the column is labeled “Lvl (Pry)”.

Added an option to include a Level column on the Ranged Weapons table. This is now Yes by default, and the column is labeled “Lvl”.

Added an option to have the “Lvl” and “Lvl (Pry)” columns printed as the first column after the name of the weapon. This is Yes by default.

Added options to highlight the new “Lvl” and “Lvl (Pry)” columns with a different background color and to set the desired color for the column. The default color is light sky blue but the default is to not highlight the columns.

Added an option to have shields in the Weapon tables print their Block score in the “(Pry)” slot instead of the usual ‘No’ for “(Pry)” since they block instead.

Added an option for the sheet to get the active shield (or two) from the current loadout, get the block score from that, and print that as the Block value on the first page. This is now the default behavior. Also added an option to print a diagram of the coverage arc for that shield next to the block value, which is also the default behavior.

Added an option to include a reminder message about adding DB to active defenses, which will appear under the Encumbrance/Move/Dodge and Parry/Block sections. This option is No by default.

Teensiest of bits (b150)


Fixed an issue where the points bar didn’t always change some values to red or black correctly.

When GCA was checking prereqs, and a prereq was an attribute, GCA was attempting to set a value incorrectly, and that crashed the program. That is now fixed.

* Official Character Sheet

Added some optional blocks that can print additional attribute information: Feats of Strength, Perception, Checks (consciousness, death, fright), and additional attributes (other attributes not displayed elsewhere). Checks and Perception print in the right column above Skills, while Feats of Strength and Additional Attributes print in the left column above Advantages.