Roll up a bit of text (b208)


* Modes

New Mode function RollToText() as String will now return the ‘extra roll info’ text. This is a string like this: “Roll to [mode]: [charskillscore]”. This is the text normally displayed when the user turns on ‘extra roll info’. Having GCA generate this text instead of pushing it onto the sheets allows for customizing it more easily. You can access the function directly or as TagItem(“rolltotext”).

To customize the returned RollToText, there are now the RollTo() and RollToPhrase() tags. These allow you to replace the extra roll info of “Roll to” with something else. RollTo() simply replaces the “Roll to” text with the text specified. RollToPhrase() provides a way to fully replace the entire “Roll to [mode]: [charskillscore]” phrase with a new one you specify, with Text Function Support and two special variables: %mode% for the name of the mode, and %score% for the value of charskillscore; variable replacement is done before Text Functions. If RollToPhrase() exists it overrides any provided RollTo().

* GCA Prime Sheet

Updated to use RollToText() for modes if run on a newer version of GCA.

* GCA5.xsd

Added elements ‘rollto’ and ‘rolltophrase’ to GCAAttackMode block

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