Version 5.0.209 Released

GURPS Character Assistant has been released. Get the updated installer from your Warehouse 23 downloads page. (If you purchased GCA at the new Shopify store, you may need to go to your downloads page there to get the updated ZIP with the installer.)

This update includes all the changes mentioned in Build Notes posts since the last Release.

Note: You get the updated installer by re-downloading from your Warehouse 23 account, and running the gca5setup_5.0.209.release.exe program that it contains. There is no separate update-only installer, you have to download and reinstall the program. It will not overwrite your personal data, it will overwrite your installation of GCA with the new and updated version.

4 thoughts on “Version 5.0.209 Released

  1. Akriel

    Those of us who bought GURPS Character Assistant 4 and got the download upgrade to 5. However, do we get this upgrade or we’re wound to buy GCA 5?

    1. Armin Post author

      If you have GCA5 through Warehouse 23, whether the existing store or the Shopify store in testing, you can always get the most recent release for GCA5 by re-downloading GURPS Character Assistant (the file) from your Downloads page. That will always contain the most recent installer, such as the one for this update.

      Just open the ZIP file and run the installer again (and again tell Windows that yes, you really do want to do that). If you still have GCA5 installed, the installer will update your existing installation with the new copy, in the same place (it will not harm your personal data). If you uninstalled for some reason, the installer will go through the full setup experience again.

      Because of limitations in the updater system and the SJGames store setup, there is no way to have GCA update itself through Check for Updates. It can only update support files, not the program itself.

      TLDR: If you purchased GCA from Warehouse 23, you don’t have to buy it again, just re-download it.

      1. Akriel

        Oooh, I’m dumb! I downloaded the wrong one. Thank you!
        Also..uhm…how could I only modify the activation roll of an advantage I’ve set as to require IQ, for example. I set a talent but I can’t manage to make it only modify the activation roll of that advantage.

        Thank you for your quick answer! ♥

        1. Armin Post author

          Glad you got the right one.
          As for the activation and talent question, I’m afraid I’m going to need specifics as to the advantage and how it’s set to require IQ, because I’m not familiar enough with everything to be sure I understand what you mean. Could you please post over on the SJGames GCA forum with your question and more specifics? Link here: <>
          Or if you prefer Discord, over on the GURPS Discord, the gca-gurps-character-assistant channel: <>


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