Been a bit to get a bit (b210)


There was an issue that trait prereqs would always be auto-added when a trait was added, even if the Auto Add Needs option was off, so that was fixed to respect the option.

* Damage

Fixed broken damage results, such as Afflictions of the type “HT±5” and weapons of the type ‘6dx3’. To do this, I reverted a change to the routine that calculates damage, related to how it returns the damage text when calculations don’t appear to result in some dice of damage, but a damage value was specified. My change was meant to return any partially calculated damage that did exist, which was meant to account for damage bonuses that might apply other factors to the damage. However, that change broke previously working damage strings, such as those for Afflictions.

I will try to find another way to correct for the bonuses issue, if I can find a way to see that again, since my notes don’t include an example, and I can’t remember what caused the issue I was trying to address.

I’ve now also added support for solving $TextFunctions and damage-specific special case substitutions when DamageIsText(yes) is set. This should allow for still getting some solving completed in a damage string that might otherwise not correctly evaluate using normal damage calculation methods.

(Changes apply to regular damage and to mini-modes.)

* Page Numbers

In the Info pane, GCA will now display the full name of the book being referenced by a page number. This will be in parentheses after the page number, so that the page link remains clickable.

In addition, if you click a page link that leads to a PDF that isn’t actually found, GCA can now launch the PDFs dialog to allow you to specify the PDF that should be launched when such links are clicked.

* Options Dialog

In the Windows & Boxes block, I’ve now added an option for “Dereference page numbers” which controls the page number dereferencing mentioned above. This is enabled by default.

In the PDF Launching box, I’ve added an option for “Pick launch PDF when not found” which controls whether GCA will actually ask you to pick one, as mentioned above. This is enabled by default.

The option for Auto Add Needs was never surfaced to the user (and never saved/loaded), so it was always True. You can now turn this on or off in Options, in the Windows & Boxes block.

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