A few bits and new pieces

Classic View and Sheet View should now clean up better when the last open character is closed.

Fixed recently introduced bug that zoomed in the Sheet View when clicking on the page (only double-clicking should do that).

Views should now refresh better when the Protection window is closed with OK.

Protection window should now remember the layer pane’s orientation and size (when activated).

Updated the Library’s book loading function to correctly read [Languages] and [Cultures] sections from book files. These are just like [Advantages] in structure.

Updated processing to add Languages and Cultural Familiarities at the correct starting level.

Changed the character closing and program shut-down process a bit to allow for canceling the program exit and closing of some characters.

Revamped all the current explainer panels.

Fixed the Getting Started box in Compact view to work with zooming.

GCA will now offer to load any auto-backups it finds when restarting GCA after a crash. If you don’t load them, they’ll be lost when GCA does a normal shut down and cleans things up. (They’re now stored in C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\Steve Jackson Games\GURPS Character Assistant 5\autobackup\ when they exist.)

Fixed a drawing refresh issue in the trait boxes in Compact view.

I’ve implemented the first draft of support for ‘gains’ type bonuses. Gains bonuses are bonuses that a trait claims for itself, based on some other trait, rather than having to edit that other trait to have it give a bonus. Right now, these are implemented through the existing gives() tag, but the format requires the use of the ‘from’ keyword, instead of the ‘to’ (actual or implied) keyword. For example, the tag gives(+1 from AD:Magery) would apply a bonus of +1/level of the Magery advantage to the trait containing the gives(+1 from AD:Magery) tag. This implies a ‘to Me’ clause, but actually including such is not supported. The ‘gains’ feature should support expanded keywords such as ‘onlyif’ and ‘upto’ and whatnot, but doesn’t currently support drawing from specific tags of the given source.

Data Files:

Added: GCA5 Changes.gdf to the system books. This includes Languages and Cultural Familiarities sections, but doesn’t remove them from the Advantages section yet, since all other places that add/need them would need to be updated too. It’ll include other needed changes as they occur to me.

Updated: GCA5 Changes.gdf: Added updated version of Language Talent, to reflect that the bonus shouldn’t apply if there are no levels in the language.


Once again, updated controls required recompiling Plugins. This is annoying.

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