Bits of complex interaction

Named Modifiers dialog correctly.

Added an explainer to the paper doll panel in the Protection window.

Since the items affecting a location on the paper doll in the Protection window are highlighted in gold/yellow when the location is selected, I have turned off the redundant marking of those items with the shield icon.

Addressed some drag & drop issues in Classic trait lists.

Pressing the Enter key will now end the in-list editing of values in a Classic trait list.

Updated the Compact View trait lists so that the buttons on the selected item will no longer display if the trait is locked, or the increment/decrement buttons will not display if the trait is not leveled.

The TL of an equipment item will now be displayed in the DisplayName if a TL() tag exists.

Changing the name of the character or the player will now update the tab text for that character immediately.

Added new support for fortify()/charfortify() and deflect()/chardeflect() item tags. Recent discussion in the GURPS forum has alerted me to the fact that the Fortify and Deflect enchantments aren’t intended to stack when coverage would otherwise allow them to do so; only the best of the bonuses should apply. These tags are part of the work needed to support this. If there is a fortify() or deflect() value on the item, it’s used as the base value for calculating these new tags. The charfortify() value will be automatically applied as a bonus to the item’s dr() value when figuring chardr(), and the chardeflect() value will be automatically applied as a bonus to the item’s db() value when figuring chardb(). The Fortify and Deflect modifiers should be adjusted to give their bonuses to the owner::fortify and owner::deflect targets, respectively. *NOTE* that the needed stacking rules in Protection aren’t implemented yet.

Did a bunch of work to customize the Sheet View’s preview pane to allow for additional needed functionality.

Finally have a working draft of the interactive editing features for the Sheet view. Double click on an area in the sheet when it’s highlighted to activate the editing features that the sheet author has implemented.

GCA should now remember your settings for Zoom and Sheet in Sheet View between sessions.

Data Files:

Updated: GCA5 Changes.gdf: Included updated versions of the ~Fortify and ~Deflect modifiers from Magic, changing their gives() to the new targets.


ColorBlockSheet updated to use the updated SheetActionField system for interaction in Sheet View, and to demonstrate how it works right now. Double click on a area when it’s highlighted to activate the editing features within GCA.

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