Latest GCA5 bits

From the beta list post for the newest build:

Now supporting the direct editing/changing of certain values inside the Classic view character trait lists: points and level for skills and spells; qty for equipment; score for attributes (in the left-side listing).

The logging pane may now be placed on the right side of the main window, under the Info pane.

Print and Print Preview should now be working. Note that the Print/Preview Using… options have been removed from the File menu, as the Print Preview window allows for changing the current Sheet, which can then be printed. We will probably still allow for having characters specify preferred alternative sheets, so they can still quickly be selected and printed or previewed from the toolbar.

2 thoughts on “Latest GCA5 bits

  1. Raekai

    I am really glad that you decided to do this blog. It’s very nice to be able to keep up with how GCA5 is coming along. So far, everything looks gorgeous!


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