Bits of bits and bits

Added the @totalchildrentag(<tag>) function, which will total up the values of a specified tag from all children. Note that children only are viewed; it does not recurse through nested children. It does, however, multiply the tag value by the child’s Count to get the total value. If you don’t want the value * count, include the #nomult directive in the function call: @totalchildrentag(<tag>#nomult).

Added the @totalownerchildrentag(<tag>) function, which is the same as @totalchildrentag() but meant to be used from a modifier, to get the owning trait’s children.

Added a small chunk of code to improve handling of needs checks that use ‘me’ references, such as needs(me::childrenweights<40).

Adjusted some text in Options.

Adjusted the Armor Layers Manager dialog explainer a bit.

Adjusted the Portrait dialog a bit.

Updated Explainer on Random Character dialog to remove problematic third-party controls.

Updated the Save Body Type dialog to remove problematic third-party controls.

Updated the Message dialogs to resize the caption space as needed.

Updated the Resynchronize dialog to remove problematic third-party controls.

Added support for the #DeleteMe directive, which instructs GCA to delete the item once it’s been fully processed. This may seem a bit odd, but it allows for creating templates that add things to the character and are then removed, so that the user doesn’t have to manually remove them later when they no longer serve any purpose. (Note that many users will find it confusing if a trait doesn’t appear in the Character list after they’ve added it, so this directive is mostly for those that want to use it in their custom data.)

Fixed a bug that prevented Modifiers from correctly importing extended tag blocks from XML data, resulting in the loss of some tag data, and having other data incorrectly assigned to incorrect tags within the modifier.

When creating the protection values for body parts, GCA will now honor the RAW that Deflect and Fortify bonuses do not stack on protected areas. (This does require that those bonuses be from the chardeflect() and charfortify() tags so that GCA knows what’s going on.) Only the best value will be applied, and in the case of ties, the first one found is used (usually the innermost layer with that value).

Added UI items to the Options dialog to support the new options that will allow stacking of Deflect and Fortify bonuses.

Fixed a bug in the logic for building and simplifying the default protection values.

Made a change to loadouts so that only items with a db() value (rather than a chardb() value) might be considered shields. This is because GCA is now also calculating chardb() for non-shield items that get a Deflect bonus.

Updated the GCA5.xsd to include the new character options that allow stacking of Deflect and Fortify bonuses.

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