Just a few little bits

Updated some of the menu icons.

Added a Traits menu to the main menu bar, which allows access to the same features as the right-click menu in trait lists.

Added options and UI to allow the user to select and use a page number link color of their choice, and to underline the links if desired. The default color is blue. (Changed the data file ‘touches’ tracking info text to the purple color.)

Added support for various default PDF readers to the launchcodes.xml file, which will be available for selection in the Options dialog by clicking the ‘…’ button next to the ‘PDF reader’ text box. Selecting one of the options will replace the text in the related text boxes with the info from the selected option. Only has codes for Acrobat and Sumatra right now.

Trying out a new trait icon in the right-side icon column: eye glasses, to show that the trait is to be included on the GM sheet.

Added a couple additional small bits of info to the View Info text for character traits: “Include on GM Sheet” if the trait is so flagged; and “Component Of: X” if the trait is a component item. Both of these also currently have icons in the right-side icon column of trait lists, but icon precedence may prevent the icons from showing, or make them difficult to see.

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