Some nice bits

Added support for the SystemTrait only tag invisible(yes), which is a flag tag telling GCA that the item is ‘invisible’, and should never be shown to the user. Support for this is added with the understanding that it simplifies certain types of data constructs, allowing an ‘invisible’ trait to be added to the character by another trait, whereupon it will be visible, but presumably as a child trait, or perhaps otherwise linked to the adding item. For example, you could create Equipment versions of certain advantages by duplicating the advantages with “Gear” name extensions and zeroed costs, but make them invisible so they aren’t taken accidentally (or make invisible the current ones if they’re only available as gear in your game). Then you could make Equipment items that add those invisible traits to get the appropriate effects–the added traits are visible to the user as normal traits. (Note: GCA does not support this tag for attributes. Also note that categories for these traits are still considered valid, so a category filled with invisible items will appear like an empty category to the user, which may be confusing in some cases.)

Fixed bug in last build that allowed backup characters that were loaded after a crash to incorrectly be listed in the Recent Files list.

Fixed a bug introduced some time back in how certain GCA elements displayed child items that were of a different type than their parent items.

Fixed some outstanding issues with the Campaign Settings dialog, and with the display score builder feature for campaign TL.

Added missing support to undo changes to TL when canceling Campaign Settings dialog.

After the Campaign Settings dialog has closed, if the TL has been changed, GCA will now pop up a dialog to let you adjust the TL to match the new TL for any existing /TL traits the character has.

Added a ‘url’ tag to the bookcodes.xsd, to support linking to the SJGames page for the book. Updated bookcodes.xml with URLs for included books. Added ability to visit the URL given in bookcodes.xml from the PDFs dialog.

Added a flag and changed the loading of book codes slightly so that the new URL tag will flow through to the user’s data even if they have modified existing book code info (such as setting files for their PDFs). This will only apply for data saved to the user’s bookcodes.xml without a url tag; once saved with one, any future changes to the system url can’t flow through.

Also updated many book names in bookcodes.xml to match SJGames style, rather than the filename style I started with, but if you’ve made any changes to book data (such as setting files for your PDFs), you won’t see them changed in your PDFs dialog.

Updated a bunch of tag definitions in tagdefs.xml.

I have created a new child profile option that you can activate with a checkbox in Edit. This cannot be combined with the Alternative Abilities option, so turning on one automatically disables the other. The new option is: the parent item applies its Modifiers to child items. (It’s probably more appropriate to state it as all child items also use parent modifiers, but whatever.) When this is checked, each child item will apply the parent item’s cost Modifiers as if they were their own; they are applied in conjunction with any modifiers the child item has of its own. I think this will be called a Shared Modifiers Parent unless a better name comes up.

Trying out a second column of icons on the right side of character trait lists. This column has icons for parent items, and for certain types of child items, such as items that are children of an Alternative Abilities Parent or are children of a Shared Modifiers Parent.

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