Clean up the bits


* Misc fixes and clean-up

Fixed drawing/redrawing bug with Compact View trait lists, which would cause them to periodically disappear entirely when the option for multi-line display was turned on.

Changed default color of SheetOptionDisplayFormat.CaptionLocalBackColor to Color.Transparent to allow for expected behavior when changing SheetOptionDisplayFormat.BackColor but not SheetOptionDisplayFormat.CaptionLocalBackColor.

Fixed Sheet Options dialog to no longer redraw options when window is moved, or when sized only vertically.

Added a number of new constructors to the SheetOption class. Fixed bug that prevented existing alternate constructors from assigning the Name value.

Added a couple more tags to the list of tags not written to the file when saving a trait to file.

* Exports

Altered the order of operations a little bit for exporting characters, and added support for the PreviewOptions function of export sheets, so that the options settings are available to them before they’re asked to supply any requested data.

Changed the suggested default file name for exports to be based on character file name.

Changed the default starting target folder for exports to the gca5 folder, rather than the gca5\characters folder.

* Interfaces

Added Function PreferredFilterIndex() As Integer to the IExportSheet Interface for export sheets. Given the filter specified in SupportedFileTypeFilter(), this is the 0-based index into that filter list for the filter that should be selected by default.

Added Function PreviewOptions(Options As GCA5Engine.SheetOptionsManager) As Boolean to the IExportSheet Interface. This function is called after options are loaded, to give the sheet a chance to do any unusual housekeeping before the Filter functions are called. Return FALSE only if the export should be canceled.

* FileWriter

Added Write(ByVal Text As String) and WriteLine(ByVal TextLine As String) as the preferred ways to write text or text with appended newline, respectively. Deprecated AddText() and Paragraph(); removed LinePrint() and FilePrint().

Added WriteLine() without params to just write a NewLine to the file.

Added ReadOnly Property NewLine As String, which returns the string used for line termination/new line markers (currently fixed at CR+LF).

Updated to not emit BOM for the UTF-8 encoding.

* GCA5.xsd

Added ‘itemnotes’ node to GCATrait ‘ref’ node.

* Plugins

Simple Text Export sheet updated to implement new Interface functions, and recompiled.

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