Tiny bit of cleanup


* Bug fixes

A previous fix that addressed the issue of equipment items not raising notification that they’d changed, and therefore not triggering recalcs, surfaced a bug that it had hidden. Certain items that didn’t have their own base values, such as equipment parent items, could now trigger an endless recalc loop. This should now be fixed.

* ColorBlockSheet

Obliquely noted in b63, but this was updated in b63 to support the character’s selected trait grouping options.

Fixed a bug.

* OfficialCharacterSheet

Now has a couple of options (Yes by default) which will attempt to reduce overflowing of the weapon tables by allocating  available free space from one table to the other.

Added an option to print the Protection paper doll on page two, bumping the Equipment listing to the overflow pages (No by default).

Added support for trait grouping.

Fixed a bug.

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