Even more bits of cleanup


Compact View has been renamed Unified View.

* Bug fixes

Added a trap for an instance where mismatched parens might crash GCA more ugly than usual.

Added a bit of code so that hopefully otherwise untrapped exceptions can still send related data to the log and to the debug.run file.

Adjusted the in-column editor in the Classic View Attributes list to allow entry of a decimal point. GCA will generally round that off once entry is done, unless the value actually supports decimals.

Adjusted the calculation order of skills/spells to apply modifiers, and then to include any child point costs. This is consistent with the calculation order of other traits, and avoids total included child costs being unintentionally affected by any modifiers applied to the parent skill.

Library modifiers being read from book files were losing the group they were meant to be a part of if the group was assigned passively by the group heading rather than by a group() tag. This has been fixed. The FastLoad version number has been updated to force a reload-from-source for all libraries to address this issue, but that won’t fix character data that may have carried through this issue (GCA does put Read Validation Error warning in the log when loading a character file that has missing XML data, so you should see a message about the Modifier element if that’s the case; it just won’t be a very helpful message beyond that).

Fixed a couple minor issues in the trait lists in Unified View that resulted from a couple routines not having been updated when support for symbols was added.

* Advanced Edit

Changed the edit control for grid cells to a standard text box.

Changed the context menu option for Paste Modifiers to use the CTRL+SHIFT+V key combo. This will allow CTRL+V to once again work as intended within the text editor for pasting normal values. If whole tags have been copied, using CTRL+V will still work to paste them into the whole grid, as that handler still exists, so long as you’re not inside a cell editor at the time (because that will paste the tag info into the editor, instead).

* Other features

Added support to run GCA in ‘portable’ mode. Run GCA with the /p command line option and GCA will use the folder it’s launched from as the base folder for program data, app data, and as the root folder under which it will create the /GURPS Character Assistant 5/ folder tree for all the user data. (GCA will set the window title to include “(Portable Mode)” when this mode is being used.)

When the Verbose Book Processing option is on, GCA will now print the line number where a warning was encountered during processing of traits and modifiers. This line number is printed in blue just after the warning in the log. That should speed up locating such things in the data files. Note: be aware that for items that cross multiple lines, the line number will always be the last line of the set, not necessarily the exact line of that set with the issue.

* ColorBlockSheet

Weapons are now included normally in the equipment list. Not including them was an oversight from recycled code.

Adjusted how the protection block shades body part headers and the colors it uses for text.

Adjusted the protection block’s armor/shield listings text to use the Equipment color settings like the rest of the block.

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