Some bits are more complicated than they look


* Updater

The first draft of the update checker should now be working. It can check for updates to the program and to data files. GCA will do initial processing, but will then shut down and run the GCA5Updater.exe app with elevated permissions to actually do the data updates. GCA5Updater will also run any setup program downloads. Once finished, the updater will re-launch GCA.

Added stuff to Options to support the update checker.

Added a menu option to the Help menu to check for updates regardless of the update checker settings.

* Bug stomping

Fixed a bug related to not removing items correctly from OrderBy lists in the SortedTraitCollection. I believe this will fix the serious parent/child issue that was being encountered.

* Other stuff

Added a few more error traps and validity checks in various places.

Internal plugin reference adjusted slightly to store running versions.

2 thoughts on “Some bits are more complicated than they look

  1. Jay Nunes

    Armin, thank you for all your work on GCA over the years. I am very excited to see that GCA5 is coming along so well. Do you have a sense on how far it is from release? I can’t wait to be able to buy and copy and use it for all my GURPS games. Thanks again. -Jay

    1. Armin Post author

      Thank you.

      While I work on it when I can, and often large bursts get done in quick succession, the progress is nevertheless in fits and starts, so it’s very hard to judge when it might be ready for some kind of release. I honestly thought the first 5.0 release would be out ages ago. So, I’m sorry, but not even a guess on a time-frame for release right now.


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