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* Other

Created a Library Settings object that will take settings that are set in books, and hold them for applying to characters. (** This is still a work in progress. **) This changeover will take some settings that were universal to GCA and make them character-specific instead, although not all of these options can currently be set separately through character options.

The boxes for melee and ranged attacks in Unified View are now interactive. They’re now based on listboxes, like the trait boxes are. Not much you can do with the new clickability yet, but you can double-click to edit the trait that has the attack mode you double-clicked.

Added a window for when an update is available, rather than cramming info into a message box.

* Build Campaign Book window

Added tabs to allow for dealing with more types of data than just Traits. (Although they’re NOT hooked up yet.)

You can now filter the displayed traits on the Traits tab in the Filter pane using the “ [ = | > | < | <> | >= | <= | is | isnot | includes | excludes | listincludes | listexcludes ] [ , repeat as needed ]” format, which should look familiar, but allows for the chaining of multiple specs separated by commas and adds some comparisons (note tha “=” and “is” are identical in use, as are “<>” and “isnot”. Of course, the data should be in quotes if it includes a comma or space. (Additional filters add additional requirements a trait must fulfill to be displayed.)

* Bug fixes

Fixed text for “Hide the Select Export Sheet dialog explainer” text in Options that was incorrectly displaying as a copy of the text for the option above it.

When adding a new character along with choosing a library, closing the Library Manager with the close box will now abort adding a character entirely.

In the Mismatched Libraries dialog, clicking “Cancel loading this character.” was not actually doing that. Now it does.

Changes in data types being used in calculations due to the new platform result in more decimal places being used in some calculations, which means that some places where math is done no longer automatically round off certain types of division due to limited precision, which affects some things oddly. I have made an adjustment to the modifiers calculation code to address one such instance that was returning unexpected results.

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