A little bit for GMs perhaps


* Features

Added an initial draft of the all new Party View, which is kind of like GCA’s version of a GM control sheet. While it is set up as another character view, it does include data cards for all loaded characters. There is also a designer dialog to allow you to change the functionality and look of the character cards to better suit various needs. You can currently access the designer by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner of the card title bar. (Note that design changes are currently not saved, and are character specific.)

* Interactive Character Sheets

Added support for two missing ActionTypes for interactive sheets: SheetAction.ChangeScoreInteger and SheetAction.ChangeScoreDecimal. Integer is for skill and spell levels, and Decimal is if you need decimal values, such as for certain attribute scores. This currently uses a standard text box as the data entry element, so entering bad data is possible, but GCA will just ignore the requested change in that case. After data is entered, GCA uses the SetScoreTo method to set the score or level as requested (or to the closest allowed value).

Added support for hitting Enter in text fields (including ChangeScoreInteger/Decimal) to end editing.

* Bug fixes

Addressed some issues with sheets resetting their position to the origin, and resetting zoom level, when editing data in Sheet View.

Fixed how some program settings were being saved/restored. This may affect you depending on your open/closed explainer boxes.

* ColorBlockSheet

Updated to support changing skill levels, spell levels, and attribute scores, using the new sheet action types.

4 thoughts on “A little bit for GMs perhaps

  1. Mook

    I can’t wait for the first public beta release, Armin! Playtesting the very first version waaaaay back in the day, long before GCA was an official product, was awesome. 🙂

    It’s a great program, and I’m looking forward to the new version!

  2. Armin Post author

    Thanks, Mook! Having your feedback early on was instrumental in making GCA worthwhile for everyone who wasn’t me.

  3. Jake

    Hey, can I sign up for beta testing? I use GCA *constantly* for PC management and NPC gen. And I’m GMing right now and will be doing so for months. I promise to give good feedback! (apoc527 on the SJ Games forums)


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