A bit of a grab bag


* Bug Fixes

In some peculiar circumstances, certain updates of the lists in the Classic View were throwing exceptions. I have rearranged the order of operations in the code a little bit to address this issue.

When Print Previewing a sheet, the flag telling the sheet whether or not it was in Sheet View should now be set correctly.

* Other

Added a Traits dialog. This is currently available from any trait list box in Unified view via the gear icon drop-down menu.

Changed the way some things worked in the Classic trait lists, so that they could be re-used in the Traits dialog.

Added support for a new PermanentButton ActionType in Sheet View, which allows for creating buttons on the character sheet that remain active and usable at all times.

* Data Files

Updated to include Eric’s current update batch.

* ColorBlockSheet

Updated to make use of the new PermanentButton ActionType. This now puts buttons into the Header to call up the Traits dialog for the specified type of trait.

* Plug-ins

I have updated the third-party controls. This breaks sheet plug-ins, which will have to be re-compiled against the new versions. All included plug-ins have been updated.

From past experience, updating the third-party controls can also lead to strange behavior in GCA if some things are a little incompatible. This might affect the tab controls, the grids in Advanced Edit and maybe a couple other things.

It appears the updated controls also have more dependencies on other libraries from the vendor, which has increased the installation size some.

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