Extending the Party a bit


Reverted the previous ‘fix’ for the trickle-thru setup, because it allowed for endless loops to occur in certain circumstances. Addressed the particular concern elsewise.

Altered some log messages a tad.

* Party Stuff

Updated .gca5party files to support additional Party View data tacked to the end.

When saving a Party to a .gca5party file, GCA now includes the Party View information.

GCA now saves the currently loaded characters in a ‘session’ as a Party file, rather than as a list of character files. This allows for correctly restoring sessions with their Party information.

Character cards in Party View can now be sent to the front or back of the stack using the Gear menu, or to the back of the stack by clicking the Done button.

When duplicating a character card, the Duplicate Card dialog now appears, allowing you to set various options for the duplication process.

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