Bits of confusion


* Various

Added an options menu (gear icon) to the library panel (used in the Unified and Sheet views) in the title bar of the library pane. Right now, the only option is Reload Library, which will do that.

Also added a Reload This Library option to the Library button on the toolbar.

Hooked up and enabled the Modifiers and Edit buttons for the currently selected traits in the Select Items dialog.

Added a CollectionKey property to the Category object. Changed all calls in the program using a key for a category to use it.

When GCA can’t find one of the files in a specified library, the dialog it puts up to let the user specify the replacement file should now actually be a useful file browser.

* #ChoiceList

Expanded the number of altXlist() up to alt9list().

Added the new tag autoaccept() to the list of tags for #ChoiceList. If autoaccept() has any content, then GCA will simply accept the default values for the #ChoiceList without bothering to show the dialog to the user.

* Files

Finally incorporated into GCA 5 Changes.GDF the changes Emily made to various Damage Resistance modifiers to make them compliant with targeted locations for the DR.

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