Bits of engines


* Various

Added a routine to ConfigEngine.

Addressed an issue where opening the Build Campaign Book window would reset user folder assignments to default values.

GCA now supports displayname() for system traits in data files, similar in intent to the existing displaycost() and displayweight() tags. When displayname() exists, the value of the tag will be used instead of the standard return from the DisplayName property (usually Full Name/TL). This tag is removed from the data for the character’s version of the trait, where displaynameformula() can still be used if desired.

* SelectX dialog

I have added an option to randomize the current SelectX dialog, and all remaining selection dialogs for the template. I didn’t have a split button, so I built a quick-n-dirty one to handle this, which is/replaces the previous Random button. Clicking the menu part of the button should offer a menu to pick either the normal behavior or the finish-it-randomly behavior. Clicking the button with the keyboard should also activate the menu selection options.

* Plugins

I have hooked up a Plugin Manager, accessible from the Plugins option on the Tools menu. This will allow for disabling plugins that you don’t want to make use of, so that they won’t load in the future, or for re-enabling them so that they will.

(I wanted to include an option that would re-load/re-compile the plugin on every use, for testing and writing of plugins, but the needed changes to the plugin structure, and managing the apparently required app domains and such, is currently beyond me.)

NOTE: The disabling process, when loading plugins during subsequent GCA start-ups, assumes one plugin per folder, and disallows loading anything from a folder that contains a previously disabled plugin. This is to prevent loading it entirely, because otherwise the current system would load it into memory first, before discarding it.

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