Bits of housekeeping inactivity


* Miscellaneous

Fixed a crash bug in Unified view trait lists when using field buttons to change a list item’s values, and trait grouping is being displayed.

Fixed CollectionKey for GCATrait to String, which for some reason it wasn’t. (Sorry sheet authors, pretty sure this breaks binary compatibility, so you’ll have to recompile again.)

Added some small utility stuff to modTools.

Ensured all code related to inactive items checked for ‘inactive’ status against a non-empty state, rather than checking for “yes”.

Some drawing code related to trait lists was modified to support graying out inactive items.

* Loadout Handling

I’ve added an option that should be considered ‘experimental’ for now, although since it can be disabled, and is Off by default, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

The new option is winningly named RenderNonLoadoutItemsInactive, but can be found in the Options dialog on two new Loadouts blocks under Current Character Options and Default Character Options, as “Render ‘inactive’ any items not in the current loadout.”

This option does what it says on the tin: any equipment item not in the current loadout is made “inactive”, and will grant no gives() bonuses.

There is a bit of a performance hit when changing loadouts, so folks can decide for themselves if it’s worth it, I guess.

There is also a companion option, GrayOutInactiveItems, which will ‘gray out’ the inactive items if you wish, using the same transparency setting option used for hidden items. (This option is On by default, but only applies if you’re using RenderNonLoadoutItemsInactive anyway.)

Allowing for this did require making some minor changes internally, but they shouldn’t affect much in the way of print or export sheet authors: if you were checking for TagItem(“inactive”) = “yes” instead of TagItem(“inactive”) <> “” or something similar, then you may now need to correct for that. GCA needs to be able to re-activate all items that have been deactivated, should the user turn Off the RenderNonLoadoutItemsInactive option, so GCA now sets TagItem(“inactive”) to the name of the current loadout, if the item isn’t already inactive. This way, GCA can undo things as cleanly as possible just by checking inactive() tags against existing Loadouts, and the inactive() tag can still be used as a flag tag.

* Mode Handling

Added reachbasedon() to tags handled by the mode manager.

* TagDefs.XML:

Added these tags: inactive, magery, units

* GCA5.XSD and saved files:

Added these tags to the ‘weaponmodesdata’ block: reachbasedon

Added these tags to the ‘armordata’ block: coverage, charlocation, locationcoverage

Added these tags to the ‘ref’ block: units

Added these spell-oriented tags to the ‘ref’ block: shortcat, prereqcount, magery, class, time, duration, castingcost

Added these equipment-oriented tags to the ‘calcs’ block: preformulacost, preformulaweight, postformulacost, postformulaweight, prechildrencost, prechildrenweight

* Updater

GCA will now pass along its installation folder to the downloaded setup program, which should allow it to correctly default to that target folder during the setup process.

* Included Sheets

All pre-compiled ones have been rebuilt against the current versions of the engine and interfaces.

* GCA5 Changes.GDF

Included the user-targetable version of Weapon Master from entry b

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