Move bits


* Miscellaneous

The Attributes section in data files may now specify categories for attributes, and GCA will now also allow using the format, just like every other type of trait.

The Attributes tab in Classic View now supports changing categories for the All Attributes list (the one on the right side). You will find the Category drop-down list at the top, and it works like it does for other trait types. (The Attributes dialog uses the same system, so you’ll find this change there, too.)

Added an option to lock the toolbars: View > Toolbars > Lock Toolbars.

The Movement boxes in GCA have been fixed to show the correct basic movement rate for the various movement types the character has. Any enhanced movement rate will be shown after that, separated by a slash, such as “4 / 8”, if the option for that is set in Options (in the Display box of Program Options; it is On by default).

* Loadouts Window

Added Copy and Delete buttons

Changed grid selection so you can more easily tell which row you’re on

Moved buttons & selected loadout column name above the grid

Added a ‘gear’ icon, which allows you to ‘freeze’ the first few columns of the grid.

* Updater

Changed the hash used to SHA-256.

* Plugins

OfficialCharacterSheet: Updated Move column of the Encumbrance & Move block to show values based off of Basic Move as stated by the labels.

ColorBlockSheet: Updated Encumbrance & Move block to show correct move values. Added option to show Enhanced Move values as well, and if On (default is On) then it shows them on the following line of the table.

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