A gap in time

Yeah, sorry about that. My day job tends to get busiest through the tax season, and I kind of got lost in work for a bit there.

It’s not a great look for things here, when I post that I’m still working away and then disappear for a while without another update. But, I’m getting back into some GCA headspace, and hope to get back to what I was working on as soon as I can make my brain work again.

2 thoughts on “A gap in time

    1. Armin Post author

      I really don’t know anything much about Linux and Wine, and what the current status of Wine is. GCA5 is written in .Net with some third-party tools, so fairly standard for .Net projects. However, based on past experience, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to guess that “no” is closest to the right answer.


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