New bits

From the beta list post for the newest build:

* Fixed a bug in saved XML data that didn’t preserve the owns() value.

* Fixed a bug that called up Combinations editor for non-editable traits.

* Fixed issue with modifiers not being pasteable in Classic View.

* Fixed bug preventing $ functions from being solved from the Solver.

* Zooming the form will now also zoom the menu fonts.

* Removed the main menu from the toolstrip container.

* Added a couple threads to FastLoad loading. Makes a minor improvement to loading times.

* GCA5 is more restrictive in what it considers a numeric value. For this reason, a fair number of incorrectly written expressions worked as if they were valid in GCA4, but fail in GCA5. I have inserted a ‘shim’ into the Solver for GCA5 that checks for one such case: % values being offered in functions/expressions as numeric values. Technically, this isn’t allowed, but GCA returned the value without the % sign anyway, while GCA5 would return 0. This shim should allow returning the value without the % sign as GCA4 did.

* Trying out new trait lists in Compact View that are based on standard list boxes. I’d thought this would save time and effort when making improvements and adjustments down the line, but it looks like this way has it’s own issues, too, so I’m not sure it saves me anything in the end.

I’m also trying out a new method of creating and populating the Compact View boxes, which I hope to expand to allow more flexibility in the future. For now, every box being populated with this new method has a title that is prefixed with “TEST BOX”, and every such trait list is using the new list box based boxes. (The new trait list boxes also each have an ‘options’ box with gear icon in the top right corner, although it’s unpopulated at this time.)

The entire set of boxes in Compact View is currently displayed twice, once each with the new method and the old method.

2 thoughts on “New bits

  1. Greyson

    Ooh! News hot off the press! I’m still anxiously awaiting. If you ever need someone to test it… *cough*

    1. Armin Post author

      Thanks for your interest, Greyson. We’re still a ways out yet from general testing, and when that happens, SJGames will probably decide how it’ll be handled. If it’s public somehow, I’ll try to post about it here and in the forums at SJGames.


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