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Fixed a bug in the processing of damage breaks due to an earlier change from Collection (1-based) to List (0-based).

Fixed a display bug that sometimes resulted in the new Applied Modifiers list in Simple Edit getting all scrunched up.

Fixed a bug created in b112 related to checking for ownership of a bonus that is supposed to be removed. This bug prevented bonuses from being removed, which in turn resulted in multiple identical bonuses getting applied.

Added some data validation checking to the Edit Traits dialog, to check for unmatched parens or quotes.

Added some data validation checking to the Advanced Edit Traits dialog, to check for unmatched parens or quotes.

Was given a valid reason for letting modifiers be reduced to level 0, so I have restored that. In turn, I have added a default level name of ‘none’ to display when applicable.

Changed the wording of the instructional text on the Resynchronize dialog slightly.

There has been an issue since the beginning of Unified View, where clicking on any list in a box that was not already the box with focus would cause that box to scroll into view, usually selecting a bunch of items in the list unintentionally. I was unable to find a way to avoid that behavior without either building something new, or just subclassing the panel and then overriding the behavior of that event handler. So, I have done the subclassing thing, and that behavior should no longer happen. However, that means that scrolling a box into view is now the responsiblity of the user.

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