Being Fancy with Protection

Or, more accurately perhaps, getting detailed in GCA when your campaign is using detailed armor protection and layering rules. GCA5 will allow you to specify that you want to handle your own layering, and will then show you the armor protection values in layered order.

Not shown here is the dialog that allows you to set your layering, but that lets you adjust the ordering of how your armor is layered, from innermost to outermost layer. That’s as it’s shown on the list at the right side in this image, although I just randomly threw some stuff together when creating the test data being used here.

You’ll notice that each layer shown on the right side also has an icon noting whether that layer is rigid or flexible. The general DR item at the top (innermost layer) is not counted as a layer, so isn’t considered either rigid or flexible–it just is. You could change that if desired.

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