A few more bits than last time


Cleaned up some code in the Bonus object.

Changed some of the code in the Bonus object to better support changing the properties of a bonus without having to remove it and then recreate it.

Show All Fields on the simple edit dialog is now a persistant option.

Special case substitutions for ListAs were not working. That has been fixed.

GCA should no longer post unnecessary warnings to the log about possible duplicate items when leaving the Advanced Edit dialog.

* Bonus Builder

I think I’m calling this Gives Builder inside GCA, since that’s specifically what it’s building, but I refer to it as bonus builder because it’s catchier.

This provides a GUI method of creating and editing gives() bonus statements, and is on the simple Edit dialog.

This is still in-progress at this time, and I’ve mostly hit the easier stuff to do, but you can already cover a large number of typical bonuses.

* Files

Added targettags.xsd and targettags.xml to the included files. These specify the available target tags and provide some assistance in what they’re for and what they affect. For use with the bonus builder GUI stuff.

GCA no longer includes or supports the very outdated gca5charschema.xsd.

Included files from Eric’s FixedFiles.ZIP.

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