A bit of something or other (b122)


Added support for parent:: as a target for bonuses and as a reference in the solver, so you can do something like having a scope as a piece of equipment that is added to a rifle as a child, and then grant a bonus to that parent rifle’s acc. This will work for both the parent/child and the meta-trait/component relationships.

Added support for child:: as a target for bonuses, so you can have a parent that grants the same bonus to anything that is made a child of it. This will work for both the parent/child and the meta-trait/component relationships. This is not available as a reference in the solver because there’s no way to resolve what child of many may be intended.

Techniques are not limited by the Rule of 20, but GCA5 was doing so. GCA4 did it correctly, so that was broken during some rewrites at some point. That error should now be fixed.

Clicking inside the Library Traits listbox but not on an item caused a crash, which is now fixed.

Added PreferredRTFMinimumFontSize to UIConfig, to help set a minimum floor for the font size used in RTF displays. Currently works for most things sent to ViewInfo and the Log. (No UI for this option yet.)

You can now drag-n-drop character files onto GCA to open them.

You can now drag-n-drop image files onto GCA to set the current character’s portrait, or onto the Portrait window to set the image there. Note that since GCA only supports a single portrait image, if you drop multiples only the last valid image will be applied.

I noticed that if you’re using the “GCA5 Symbols.GDF” book, and are using a large library, it can take forever to process symbol assignments. (For example, a full GURPS Dungeon Fantasy library has over 6000 traits to examine; that takes approximately 12 years.) I now have GCA printing “X% complete” lines into the Working window at intervals, so it’s clear to the user that GCA hasn’t crashed. Luckily it only needs to do that when initially loading/building the FastLoad files. (I’ve also noticed that a bunch of the items in the file refer to the _Cinematic.png which we don’t actually appear to have.)

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