Tightened some slipped bits (b124)


If multiple locations were specified for a piece of armor, and those locations overlapped (such as ‘full suit’ and ‘neck’), GCA5 threw an exception and died. Instead, locations specified later in the list are supposed to apply more specific armor values. For example, location(full suit, neck) and dr(4/2) should apply ‘4/2’ to all locations covered by ‘full suit’ and by ‘neck’, even though ‘neck’ is covered by ‘full suit’ and the DR is the same; if instead that dr() tag was dr(4/2, 1) then locations covered by ‘full suit’ should all get the ‘4/2’ value, while ‘neck’ should only receive the ‘1’ value. This should now be fixed.

Armor with multiple locations was also counting each location as another layer. That is now fixed.

Added entries for postformulacost, postformulaweight, prechildrencost, prechildrenweight, preformulacost, and preformulaweight to the tagdefs.xml file.

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