Bits and bobs addressed from the public Beta Preview (b138)

As a note: The public Beta Preview releases are 5.0.1.X, but that X will be the same as a previous private build. So this b138 will not be seen as a public release unless it’s listed as 1.138. That may happen, or I may have another private build first. We’ll see.


There was a bug in the code that returned thr and sw damage, which didn’t allow it to find a ST of 1, so it was treated as a default value. That is now fixed, so ST 1 now returns the proper values.

Fixed a bug in Build Campaign Book that crashed the program when pressing a key in the trait list.

The ‘check for updates’ period was set to 0 by default. That should not have been 0, since that’s ‘disabled’. I set it to 30, but that won’t change the value for people who have already used GCA. If you want to periodically check for updates automatically, please go into Options and change the Check for Updates value to your preferred period.

Updated the Resync code to restore the base value of Tech Level to the character’s Campaign TL.

Updated the FastLoad file version, because I made some changes to what goes into the FastLoad files.

GCA will now track when a book sets a library settings value. This is necessary so that GCA can determine what action it needs to take when the user changes one of the related settings in the Default Character Options tab of Options. Since settings can be set inside a book, library settings are saved in the FastLoad file. However, not all settings are set by the books, so the default values end up getting saved to the FastLoad. If a user changes a default setting, then, GCA needs to know if it can safely change that setting and save it back to the FastLoad file, or if it should ignore the change to the current library because the value was set by an included book.

GCA will now check if the defaults are different from the settings in a Library after it is FastLoaded, and set those values that are using out-dated default values, but not those set by a book. If changes are made, the Library FastLoad is re-saved.

The Options dialog has now been updated also, to have each currently loaded library check to see if any changed options affect it, and re-save the FastLoad if so.

* LaunchCodes.XML

Adjusted Acrobat to use /n option, which always opens a new instance. This is because Acrobat will otherwise just bring-to-front the current instance, but not actually change to the desired page.

* BookCodes.XML

Adjusted Basic Set to have a page offset of 1 instead of 2, as that apparently changed over the years.

* RTF Display Info Templates

Updated to use fixed + values for changes in font size, instead of multiples, to account for issues with internationalization.

* OfficialCharacterSheet

Updated display of TL to use Char.TL.

Added two options: 1) print default bite/kick/punch attacks, True by default; 2) print item notes for attacks, True by default.

* ColorBlockSheet

Updated display of attributes to use DisplayScore

* Dungeon Fantasy RPG.gdf

Added “NoDefaultLevelDiscount=Yes” to Settings block.

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