A bit more protection (b148)


GCA was not honoring the user’s startup preference (new character, last session, or nothing) when returning from a check for updates. Now it does.

I’ve adjusted how the General Info data is processed, both to help cut down on window flashing and to trigger the character’s dirty state when values are changed. Values are now updated only when leaving the field.

Fixed an issue where closing GCA from the file menu after closing a character could cause an exception.

Found and adjusted a bunch more of the modal dialog calls (so GCA should no longer fall behind all other open windows when returning from them).

Added display of shields to the Protection box, and fixed the display of DR notes.

Made some adjustments to how lists are displayed on the Protection dialog, and also fixed display of DR notes there.

* b147

Forgotten in last build’s notes, I started a panel for Links on the Edit dialog.

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