A bit filtered (b149)


I have changed the version numbers a bit, reversing the places where I specify the build and channel, so this is now version and if I turn this into the next public beta build, it will be This better matches the build.revision usage, and makes it easier for version checking required program versions for data files. I have not yet changed the version numbers on GCA5.Interfaces, I’m waiting until I actually need to make other changes to that assembly before I do that.

Changed the version checking method for when book files specify the program version.

* Classic View

I’ve added a filter pane for filtering Library trait lists (except attributes). Its visibility is toggled with the new Filter button to the right of the categories drop-down list. The visibility setting applies across all the trait tabs (except Attributes), but any specified filter text will be cleared when you change tabs. The filter text is entered into a drop-down list, so if you want to apply the same filter across tabs, or you want to reuse a filter during a session, you can select it from the drop-down list.

For the time being, I’ve removed the disabled Customize button. I may return it later or I may integrate its intended function into the filter pane; we’ll revisit that in the future.

* Library list

On the Unified and Sheet views, I’ve updated the library list filter pane to also use a combo box.

* Data Files

Made some fixes to Dungeon Fantasy RPG.gdf.

2 thoughts on “A bit filtered (b149)

  1. Davd Johnson

    I’d like to ask, and truly hope it doesn’t sound rude, does the beta’s GUI represent the final’s GUI?

    1. Armin Post author

      Yes, that’s it. I’ll iterate various things over time, but that’s about adding or improving editors, adding more or different boxes to the Unified view, and so on.


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