Preset bits (b152)


When modifiers are created from book data, having a group() tag in the modifier’s tag data was overriding the assignment of the group based on the subhead. When the group() tag was incorrect, this created a problem. Now, the subhead is always used to assign the group(). If Verbose logging is enabled while loading books, GCA will log a complaint when this happens.

It should now be possible to drag-and-drop an image onto the Protection dialog to set the body image for the current loadout.

Made a small change in the version testing of book files so that GCA now assumes an unreadable or non-existent version specification in a data file means that the file is older than the program version, instead of newer.

* Sheet Options – Presets

Sheet Options now supports preset options that can be set from a new Available Presets button. This button will appear only if preset options are found for the current sheet.

Sheet authors can include preset options by including saved profiles in a file called ‘presets.prefs’ in their plugin folder. GCA will check for that file when the user changes sheets in the Sheet Options dialog and gather up all the profiles in that file that are for the selected sheet.

When the user clicks the Available Presets button, they’ll get a dialog showing the available presets. If they select one, those settings will then be imported into the currently active profile.

The sheet plugin will be asked to upgrade options before the import, same as when the user uses the Import feature.

* Sheet Options – Checkboxes

Those sheet options that display a list of checkboxes for the user to check now have buttons to check all the boxes or to clear all the boxes.

* Data Files (posted via Updater on 2021 August 1)

GURPS Magic 4e.gdf updated modifiers for “One College Only (%College%)” and “One College Only (%College%)” to remove the group() tags.

* Official Character Sheet (posted via Updater on 2021 July 28)

You can now specify the image to use in the GURPS logo slot (upper left corner) of the sheet. You should be able to use most PNG, JPG, or BMP images. Note that the image will be sized to fit a space of 1.75 x 0.5625 (1 3/4 x 9/16) inches on the front, and a slightly smaller 1.625 x 0.5 (1 5/8 x 1/2) inches on the back. If your image isn’t exactly the right dimensions, it will be aligned to the top of the space, centered horizontally.

Added an option to include Extra Roll info in the trait lists, selected by list type. This is now Yes for all lists by default. This includes Roll To: text as a smaller-text additional line under the trait item, similar to how bonuses or notes are printed.

Added an option to include the Bonus and/or Conditional bonus text for traits, selected by list type. These are now Yes for all lists by default. The sheet was already printing these, but now you can turn that off.

Added an optional Encumbrance, Move, Dodge table to use in place of the default one. This alternate table is of the same design as the Encumbrance & Move box used on the Unified and Classic views, so it will show the movement rates for whatever active movement modes the character has. This option is No by default.

Smoothed out some issues with the printing of the Block values on the front page when using shields from the active loadout.

Now, for traits, only the bonus/conditional text is printed in the user-specified bonus text color. Description and extra roll text is printed in the sheet color, while user note text is printed in the user text color.

Added an option to print DR by hit location in the DR box. It will increase the size of the box by stealing space from Languages above and TL/Cultural Familiarities to the right, but the text will still be small. This is No by default.

The Feats of Strength box now includes labels for the weight and distance units.

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