A bit of weight (b153)


* Weight

GCA will now attempt to automatically convert equipment weights to or from metric. This uses the units() tag to try and determine if the current item is metric, and if the character is set to metric (the Metric attribute score is 1). If there is no units() tag, it’s assumed to be ‘lb’. If the item’s units don’t match the character setting, GCA will try to convert the weight to the preferred units. (Default conversion is done using the standard GURPS conversions, which are not precise. If you want better precision for metric values use Metric versions of the data files.)

The units() tag may specify two different units separated by a |, with standard units first and metric second, such as units(kg|lb). If this is the case for an equipment item (and I’m not aware of any that do this), then GCA will not try to convert that item, since specifying both types of units already suggests that the item is aware of metric support and handling it automatically.


1) Setting the character to metric will always affect some labels in some portions of the program (such as loadout weight labels), or on some sheets, even if the values may not be correctly calculated as metric due to the data not actually being written for metric;

2) GCA won’t auto-recalculate when you change the Metric attribute, so you must do a Recalc All to see the changes.

GCA will also try to convert weight capacity if an item has it. This requires the new weightcapacityunits() tag, and if that doesn’t exist, it is assumed to be ‘lb’.

GCA now adds/manages the charweightcapacity() tag for items that have a weightcapacity(). This is the same as the weightcapacity(), unless GCA is converting weights due a difference in the Metric setting and provided units, in which case it will be the converted value. GCA likewise manages the new charweightcapacityunits() tag, which should be the units the capacity is measured in, and will be the same as any weightcapacityunits() tag unless conversion is performed.

GCA will not attempt to convert weight capacity if it is not already converting weight.

* Miscellaneous

Updated drawing code for capacity gauges to use charweightcapacity().

Fixed an error in drawing the capacity gauges that would cause them to disappear when items were over capacity, instead of turning them red.

Character lists in Unified and Classic should now use the charunits() tag for labeling the units where applicable for weights.

These tags were specified in the GCA5.XSD as being saved in the ‘ref’ section of GCATrait, but GCA was not saving them there until now: “weightcapacity”, “weightcapacitylevel”, “overweightcapacity”, “overweightcapacityby”, “countcapacity”, “countcapacitylevel”, “overcountcapacity”, “overcountcapacityby”


These tags have been added to the ‘ref’ section of GCATrait: “charunits”, “weightcapacityunits”, “charweightcapacity”, “charweightcapacityunits”

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