A bit of regional concern (b154)


When calculating the weight capacity for items, if weightcapacityunits() is not specified, it now defaults to the item’s units() instead of ‘lb’.

* Region & Culture Issues

One of the Beta Preview testers found what looks like an insidious issue related to regional settings, but one not dependent upon the decimal separator, which so many of our regional settings issues have been related to in the past.

I have now tracked this down to one of the library routines, IsNumeric(), that I use initially in the Solver to ensure that we simply return a numeric value as the result, without having to take any additional steps. IsNumeric() doesn’t work “properly” in some regions; that is, it decides something isn’t numeric based on regional settings but doesn’t seem to take into account the decimal and thousands separators individually.

I have two options: 1) write my own IsNumeric(); 2) apply a culture to GCA so that it always runs with the decimal point as a period and using commas for thousands separators.

Option (2) is the route I’ve taken, since I already basically require that to be the case. I’ve currently set it to keep the user’s default culture settings, and only force the issue with the separators. This means that other settings, such as date formats, will stay consistent for the user.

* Official Character Sheet (posted via Updater on 2021 August 8)

Added support for languages using levelnames() with | separators for split spoken|written levelnames.

Cleaned up language display to not include the level in the language name, since there’s a whole column for the level already.

* GURPS Basic Set 4th Ed.–Characters.gdf (posted via Updater on 2021 August 8)

Language – using literacy levels, 2/4
Language – Native – using literacy levels, 2/4
Added both of these to include support for languages using levelnames() with | separators for split spoken|written levelnames.
This was due to some users not liking the fact that written languages used literacy levels, but the full languages used the broken and accented terms.

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