Flag fix bit (b157)


As a result of the info text in the System Colors dialog not sizing correctly for larger zoom levels, I noticed an issue in the control, so I have implemented a change to the sizing code for that version of auto-sizing label. This should help ensure it sizes correctly, but if not, it may result in labels that are taller than they need to be. I haven’t seen this happen yet, but there are a lot of dialogs in GCA that may size differently based on system settings and GCA zoom settings. I suppose if that’s the case, taller is better than shorter.

GCA will now flag a skill that has more points invested than necessary for its current level. Hopefully this will help you to return to skills where extra points have been invested for additional study or training. Such skills are marked with a green flag icon on the right side of the trait list. If you don’t like this, you can turn this off in Options.

* FastLoad

I updated the FastLoad version, so unfortunately all FastLoads have to be rebuilt.

* Official Character Sheet (posted via Updater on 2021 September 20)

Included a background page for the character portrait and the description and notes stuff, plus some options to turn bits on and off. All of it is included by default (if present on the character).

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