Surprise regional bit (b160)


* Region & Culture Issues

When GCA5 was ‘fixed’ to always use decimal points and thousands separators in the US fashion (periods as decimal points and commas as thousands separators) back in b154, I suspected that some oddities may pop up somewhere. One popped up in an unexpected place, which was the interaction between GCA and the Updater system. The PackageUpdater wasn’t adjusted in the same way, so the one numeric value it cared about, font size (to support zoom modes), was being affected in an unexpected way, which made the font size jump into the hundreds or thousands. That’s huge, and mostly made the Updater window appear to be empty.

I have adjusted the reading and writing of the instructions file to write the fontsize as an integer (font size * 100) which is then read in and converted back to a single (read value / 100). That should fix this miscommunication and make sure that zooming can still be honored.

* Package Updater (Now v.1.0.3)

Updated as mentioned above.

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