Body of bits

* Done long ago, but probably not mentioned: the prefix tags for Cultural Familiarities and Languages are CU: and LA:, respectively

* Made some adjustments to bonus handling:

(1) Added support for granting bonuses “to Cultures” or “to Languages”
(2) Added support for granting bonuses to a Cultural Familiarity or Language based on their category using “to CUCAT:<X>” or “to LACAT:<X>”.

* Moved a prefix-tag related routine to a different module.

* You can now save your customized Body Type (locations and image) to a data file from the Locations tab in the Protection window.

* You can now select between the available paperdoll body images on the Locations tab of the Protection window, if the associations have been set in the data files.

* The first draft of the user-ordered armor layering system is now working. This is available from the Layers button on the Protection window. This will allow you to arrange the order in which DR is applied, and will result in the DR values on the paperdoll image being listed out individually, rather than having GCA do its best to combine them into a single value. There’s currently no system in place to show what armor item each layer value comes from on the paperdoll; that’s still something I have to figure out.

* The display of the paperdoll image in the Compact view and when printed now more closely reflects the sizes of the boxes shown in the Protection window. However, the display of the data has also been improved to make better use of the space, which should help when there are a lot of layer values to display:

(1) The “DR:” label is now only shown when DB is also being printed
(2) Content will now wrap within the content area of the box.
(3) The box will allow one additional line of height if needed to display all the content.

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