Ordered bits

Updated Protection and Loadout windows to add and remove items from loadouts, related protection lists, and ordered layer lists, more robustly.

Removed the Loadout Manager button from the Protection window. It doesn’t actually work correctly given the need to allow the user to Cancel out of the window.

When doing the User Ordered Layers, I forgot to include support for the overall DR bonus, which comes from an attribute that has no location() or dr() tags. I worked up some code to include support for it.

Added some spiffy new interactive stuff to the Protection window.

You can also now drag the body part boxes around with the mouse in the Protection window. This should greatly simplify creating custom layouts.

Because it’s now so easy to adjust the location of the displayed body part boxes on the paperdoll, I’ve allowed the print/Compact view versions of the paperdoll image to grow the box downward as necessary to display excess content.

When using User Ordered Layers, GCA will now tag each layer’s value in the DR box with a footnote symbol, and the footnote symbol will be associated with the item granting that layer of protection. (The footnote symbols are the standard SJGames ones, without the * of course, so they’ll double and triple up once each of the available four symbols is used.) For now, you can see the symbol associations in the Layers pane (see below) of the Protection window. I’ll see about doing something for the Compact view Protection boxes later.

Testing some stuff: If you have User Ordered Layers, a Layers pane (much like the Layers window) will appear on the Protection window. You can resize this pane. You can click one of the two buttons in it to switch orientation between Horizontal and Vertical. You can click the other button to toggle between three different separators for the DR values: plus sign (the default), bullet, and space.

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